Highlight the success of your media, PR and communications activities

Checking campaign strategy

Communication and marketing campaigns are subject to long, careful planning processes. Implementing a campaign involves huge amounts of creativity and hard work. But in order for it to achieve its objective, it is recommended that ideas on formats are data-driven and decisions are made based on facts and reports.

Data-driven decisions for successfully planned communication strategies

What content appeals to your target group? How can you generate the greatest engagement? Which topics are currently popular in the media and which are disappearing in the mass of communication? What hashtags could I use for a social media campaign? Can my slogan be used internationally? Are topics and hashtags used differently in other markets?

These are just some of the questions that creative types need to ask when planning a campaign in order to ensure the planned activities are as successful as possible. The answers are not always easy to find. Data-based evaluations provide the basis for decisions and the insights help ensure the success of a campaign.

Five important requirements for a hashtag


  1. The hashtag should be relevant to the topic.
  2. The hashtag should be relevant to the target group and should be used.
  3. The hashtag should be memorable and not too long.
  4. The hashtag should have no meaning in other languages, or have a meaning which suits the planned usage.
  5. For campaigns, you should find at least one hashtag that is not yet in use in order to establish a recognisable niche.


Read more on choosing the right campaign hashtag in our blog post.


Strategic campaign planning can answer the following questions:


  • Which topics are already being covered by my competition?
  • Which topics or posts would be of particular interest to my target group?
  • Does my slogan work internationally?
  • Which hashtags are suitable for my campaign?
  • Which topics are currently getting lots of media attention?
  • Which topics are currently getting the attention of my target group?
  • Welche Themen erleben gerade mediale Aufmerksamkeit?
  • Welche Themen erregen gerade die Aufmerksamkeit meiner Zielgruppe?


Input/output analysis

Traditional measurement of success at the end of every media measure


Following the publication of a press release or after a media conference, you will want to have the success of your work recorded and evaluated in clear, intuitive charts. ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS can help.


Which communication measures have been successful? Which stakeholders picked up and shared your content? Have your core messages got across? Which content achieved real resonance and which was not so successful?

The uniquely comprehensive media panel from ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS gives you a holistic view of your media impact in all Swiss regions and languages. As well as the traditional media types of print, online and radio/TV, ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS also covers all the relevant social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Campaign and event evaluation

A lot of time and money goes into a media, communication or marketing campaign. The careful planning and creativity involved merits careful evaluation. So it is always important to be able to evidence the success of campaigns or events.


In order to evaluate the success of a campaign on a quantitative basis, it is important to be aware in advance of the metrics that determine the success of a campaign or an event and to ask the question: what is the objective of my measure? ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS can support you both with defining the campaign objective and with evaluation.

This analysis investigates the success of a media campaign. The starting point is a marketing or communication campaign. Based on defined quantitative metrics such as range, engagement and number of mentions, ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS evaluates the penetration of a campaign. Qualitative indices such as the communication of a key message can also be evaluated, or whether the campaign has been successful in having in a decisive influence within a topic area.


We also offer a ROI evaluation as part of a media value analysis. The heart of this is the evaluation and quantification of earned media volumes within a monetary setting.


For campaign and event analysis, ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS acts as a neutral observer which objectively analyses and summarises the quality of agency or in-house communication and marketing departments. We utilise data sources from our international media monitoring work to provide an analysis across all media channels.

Are you ready?

More than 10,000 customers have placed their trust in ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS’s services. See for yourself how smart and meaningful media analytics can help you work more productively and efficiently.


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