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ARGUSpress Release Service – save time and money with our press release delivery service

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Your press release is a vital part of your PR strategy. It is an opportunity to present your news to the public and put your company or brand in the spotlight.


How can you ensure that your press release is effective?


The ARGUSpress Release Service gives you the support you need to ensure that your message has the best placement for your target audience.



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ARGUS Sprachmanufaktur
We translate your message, not just your words.

Translations with a professional yet personal touch


Every text has its own personality, but this is often lost in standardised translations. As a boutique translation agency, we specialise in carefully capturing every single layer of a text and meticulously transferring each of these into our tailored translations, whichever language they may be in. Of course, we use state-of-the-art translation technology to assist in this process. However, the final product is completed by hand, or rather by brainpower!


An international team of highly qualified linguists is on hand to help you throughout the entire process. They are responsible for coordinating all of your projects and selecting the best translator for each individual text from our global network of over 200 freelancers. What’s more, both our in-house team and our freelancers work exclusively into their native language. Our team also reviews the final texts to make sure that your original message still shines through.

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