Premium media analyses for detailed insights

Gain the right insights from your media monitoring

With the ARGUSinsights premium analyses, you gain qualitative insights into your media or social media presence, your media work and strategic positioning and reputation. The premium analyses provide information about the quality of the media response and thus allow an in-depth examination of the success of the communication work and the effect of the media coverage. This provides you with information on the impact and perception of your company.

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With a premium analysis, you are supported by an analyst and always have a personal contact person.
Predictable costs
With our flat rates, the costs of your business communication are easier to plan.
Our analyses are customisable according to your individual wishes and always cover your current needs.
Sie bestellen effektiv, was Sie brauchen, und können Ihren Tarifplan individuell zusammenstellen.
The ARGUSinsights Premium offer
Qualitative media analyses
  • The ARGUSinsights premium analyses examine the quality of the media response achieved by your company and serve as a working tool for strategic communications work.


  • All ARGUSinsights premium analyses include a media response analysis as a basic module.


  • Depending on the analysis package, you can compile your individual analyses from the available additional modules.

The following modules are available:

Basic Module


The Basic Module is a media response analysis that focuses on qualitative presence in the media.


Topics & Issues


The topic analysis exploratively examines the reporting according to thematic clusters. The most present topics are examined in more detail.



The benchmark analysis serves to compare the media presence of a company particularly well with that of its competitors.

PR evaluation


The analysis of the success of concrete communication measures, in particular media releases and media conferences, will be examined.



Key reputation drivers and issues that influence reputation are analysed.


CEO image


The perception of the CEO in the public media is summarised and maps the reputation values as well as the central topics.




The stakeholder analysis examines in detail which actors are present in the reporting.

Social media


The social media module provides an overview of the presence of a brand or company in the social networks.

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