Optimise your image in the media with reputation analyses.

Reputation index – the reputation of a brand is strongly influenced by the media

The traditional media are often more neutral in providing information on content. But content is not necessarily neutral. Both positive and negative events can have a significant influence on the image of a company or a person. If the media then underline this view with their own opinions or even with the opinions of those appearing in the coverage, the image can be reinforced still further.


The image of brands, products and companies can be a decisive factor when it comes to potential customers making purchasing decisions. A negative image will be reflected in the turnover figures in either the short or the long term. The image of a brand is influenced by various factors, including media coverage, and therefore has a direct and often significant impact on customer behaviour. Media coverage can influence not only potential customers (‘consideration set’) but also existing customers when it comes to customer satisfaction. If customers are disappointed in a company’s behaviour, then their trust in the brand diminishes, which can lead to a drop in revenue.

Measure: What is your reputation in the media like?
We will calculate your company’s reputation index for you and set out the relevant areas where there are problems and risks.
Control and react: Do the figures match your targets?
Regular evaluation of the reputation index provides information on whether media and public relations work is paying off and at the same time legitimises any action taken.
Improve: Opportunities to build up and improve media impact
An in-depth analysis of media impact helps to develop strategies to support media and public relations work and counteract critical impact at an early stage.

CEOs in the media spotlight

In times of personalised media reporting, CEOs have become key reputation drivers when it comes to the external perception of your company. ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS’s CEO analysis shows which CEOs are having a positive impact in public reporting, which topics they are linked to, what areas they appear in and how they are evaluated and represented by other stakeholders.


The external perception of a CEO is an important element in the make-up of a current CEO profile. ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS’s media monitoring, which is unique anywhere in Switzerland, helps identify opportunities and risks relating to reputation and supports decision-making processes when defining a suitable CEO profile. The CEO analysis helps find answers to the following key questions:

  • In which channels and by whom is there awareness and coverage of the CEO?
  • In what topic areas does the coverage of the CEO fall?
  • What are the opportunities and risks relating to reputation?

Discussion analysis – which stakeholders have an influence on media discussions?

Media discussions on current topics are shaped by various opinions and stakeholders. ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS’s discourse analysis provides insights into which stakeholders are influencing public discussion on a topic and how their arguments are represented in the media.


Modern companies are increasingly influenced by the environment and interest groups around them. So it is all the more important to be aware of current media discussions in relevant topic areas and to know the stakeholders involved and their arguments and positions. Knowledge of the journalists active in the media discussion and the media titles in which they are published is also just as important, if not more so.


ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS’s discourse analysis lets you know which stakeholders are really important in the media discourse and, with the optional add-on of social media data alongside print and online media, also reveals what kind of network and range these stakeholders have. As the communications and PR manager, you can benefit as follows:

Save time
Our meaningful insights and recommendations save you a great deal of time so you can focus on your actual work.
Save costs
Our in-house data pool and numerous tools allow us to analyse sets of topics that would considerably exceed your media monitoring budget.
Specialist knowledge and expertise
Our project managers have many years of experience in media analysis and are specialists in the field with cutting-edge know-how.
Data depth and quality
Make the most of the most comprehensive media panel in Switzerland, enriched with additional background information based on state-of-the-art technologies.
Setup and reporting
However complex or extensive the set of topics or industry to be monitored is, we can answer your question based on your individual needs and requirements.

Are you ready?

Over 10,000 clients trust the services of ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS. Would you also like to know how your company is perceived by the media and their recipients and which aspects of your company are positively highlighted or criticized?


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