ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS analyses and interprets media content, and provides insights and recommendations for action.

Monitoring and screening digital media and compiling relevant findings in a structured manner

ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz has various analysis methods and tools at its disposal to monitor and analyse communication on social networks. Our analyses answer questions regarding your presence on social networks.

New media analysis

Save time and monitor your communication measures quickly, effectively and easily with the new media analyses from ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz, which are tailored to your individual needs. Our experts analyse and consolidate your media content then present their findings in graphs. Based on the opportunities and risks identified, recommendations for actions for your future communication measures are suggested.

Achieve strategic added value using insights and recommendations for action

Brand Tracking Your brands in the centre of media attention
  • Monitoring and management of your brands
  • Information about the financial value of your brand presence
  • Comparison with the competition on all media channels
CEO analysis CEOs in the media spotlight
  • Industry benchmark monitoring of other CEOs
  • Your CEO’s image in the media
  • Which CEO broaches which subjects in the media
Discourse analysis Which influencers are contributing to the public discussion?
  • Perception of your own arguments in the media
  • Which influencers are shaping the discussion?
  • Perception of your own vs. others’ arguments
Content marketing analysis Measuring the success of your own media content
  • Monitoring of self-produced and distributed content
  • Financial evaluation of the content distributed
  • Calculation of the gross amount this contact costs
Industry analysis The development of industry-specific topics in the media
  • Overview of the development of topics and trends in the media
  • Influence on agenda setting
  • Measurement of the external perception of an industry
Comment monitoring A comparison of user attitudes
  • Analysis of user attitudes and opinions
  • Identification of “trolls”
  • Distinction between factual discussions and debates
Writer management A network of journalists to help position your topics in the media
  • Comprehensive information about individual writers and media contacts
  • Expansion of journalist networks
  • Efficient positioning of your own topics in the media
Media conference monitoring Degree of transformation of your key messages
  • Quick performance review of your own media work
  • Basis for further communication measures
  • Measurement of your messages’ penetration rate


In addition to our numerous analyses, we also offer personal consultation and provide you with further valuable recommendations for action, making use of over 100 years of experience and expertise in this field.

Classic media analysis

Classic media analysis – do not lose sight of your objectives

The traditional media analyses which have long been a part of our service are already providing important insights for your daily media work. Measure the success of your communication activities and make the right decisions.

  • Media response analysis

    This media monitoring analysis measures the number of articles and the scope of media coverage concerning your company, the market and your competitors.

  • Media impact analysis

    Positive, neutral or negative: the tone and topic dominance of media coverage are critical. We analyse its origin, sender and authors.

  • Issues analysis

    We identify current and relevant topics, categorise them in context and assess media coverage according to the topic’s dominance. The benefit for you: you can always react quickly.

  • Benchmark analysis

    So you can react to current market trends, we compare the media coverage concerning your company with the media presence of your competition and create a visual representation of this.

  • Reputation analysis

    With a 360° approach, we analyse how your company is portrayed in the media and the results can be used to manage your image.

  • Input/Output analysis

    We examine the response to your media activities with a focus on a variety of factors that are relevant to success such as core messages, transformation rate and tone.

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