Optimal use of social listening & social media analyses

Keep control of your presence on the social web

Controlling what is discussed about your company on the social web is a key issue in today’s world and is becoming even more important over time. ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS helps you to maintain an overview and control over your earned social media presence. Our social media monitoring service lets you find out quickly what is being said about you, in Switzerland or around the world.

The increasing digitalisation and popularity of social networks have shifted media communications towards the social web. These days, users can spread their own unfiltered opinions about a company or a brand to a potentially unlimited audience at any time.


So it is of vital importance that those in charge of communication, PR and marketing keep a constant eye on discussions in the social web about their own company. This is why ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS has been working with one of the leading social listening and analytics companies for many years to cover the following requirements for modern companies:

Brand protection and reputation management
We help you keep an eye on discussion on the social web, detect reputation risks at an early stage and establish an efficient crisis management system.
Performance measurement and reporting
Our tool expertise means the indices you need are always ready to hand and you can convert them into meaningful reports at the touch of a button.
Brand and competitor insights
Keep an eye on your competitors and relevant industry topics and tailor your communication activities to the latest developments.
Trend and content research
We can help you analyse who your influencers are, what content is currently going viral and what the next big trend in your industry is.

The comment function A useful feature or a necessary evil?

Do good things and talk about them. The comment function on digital media could have been made for this. But those reading posts online often only seem to be obsessed with destroying reputations and spreading conspiracy theories and covert advertising. How can you achieve a sensible discussion here?


The comment function was only known in the printed press in the form of letters to the editor. There, readers could make their opinions known. The only limit was the editorial space. Digital media, also because of various reply and sharing functions, could now break through this boundary. Through the cloak of digital anonymity, the inhibition threshold has fallen – so malicious, indecent and defamatory comments can also be found among digital contributions. ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS supports you in keeping an eye on your comments, finding important comments, reacting to them correctly and identifying the evil creatures in the comment forest (so-called “trolls”).

Measure you performance in terms of dealing with your community. We analyse not only user activity, but also the activity of the owners and compare posts with and without moderators.
Power users
Who are the repeat power users of your comment function? We identify them and evaluate the discussions where they can be a valued associate instead of an enemy.
Identification of covert advertising
Reduce off-topic discussions or, worse, covert advertising under your posts. Allow those who are interested to have a civilised discussion without annoying interruptions.
Unexpected treasures
Sub-topics, more in-depth discussion or great ideas: comments also conceal unexpected treasures. We collect these so you can provide your readers with interesting news at all times.

ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS examines digital media with a blend of artificial and human intelligence. However, it is worth getting media experts to take a closer look at blog comments. Negative is not always bad. For comments, it is especially worthwhile to pick up on the critics and understand opposing arguments, intervening at the right point (and the right time).


A ‘healthy’ community is not just a ‘nice to have’. Committed authors are valuable ambassadors who engage with your company and your content, and support and share it where relevant. Utilise this potential to the full!


Let ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS advise you and stop hiding away from trolls and conspiracy theorists. We can help you get the best out of your comments and cultivate a healthy community who like and share your messages.

Are you ready?

More than 10,000 customers have placed their trust in ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS’s services. See for yourself how smart and meaningful media analytics can help you work more productively and efficiently.


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