ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz offers you tailor-made media analyses for your individual needs and requirements. The media content is analyzed and condensed, graphically prepared and explained and recommendations for further action derived from the results. The newly developed media analyses show the wide range of topics covered by media analyses and support you as marketing and communication managers in your daily work. In order to be able to use the optimal combination of the various analysis modules to control and optimize communication work, it requires the competent advice of our media analysts and the careful evaluation of your needs.


In order to provide you with even more detailed insights for measuring the success of your communication and marketing measures, we have increased our range of media analyses. This unique range of media analyses makes ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz the leading provider of media intelligence solutions in Switzerland.


How do the media report about your brand? – Brand tracking answers

Brand tracking is a media analysis for image and reputation analysis of brands, products and companies. The analysis examines in which media channels and media titles brands, products and companies are present and how they are evaluated. The relevance of individual media titles for the subject matter is also determined. Brand tracking enables a comparison with the competition in the different media channels. Brand tracking reporting is monthly, but can also be requested ad hoc if the observed brand suddenly becomes the focus of media attention.

Brand tracking provides the following insights:

  • Monitoring and management of your brands
  • Information about the financial value of your brand presence
  • Comparison with the competition on all media channels

CEO analysis

How present is your CEO in the media? – Answers in CEO analysis

What is the media presence of our operational management? How does our CEO represent the company in the media? As a communications or brand manager, you should ask yourself these or similar questions in your daily work. ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz provides you with the CEO analysis, a tool that examines the external perception of the CEO and compares it with the competition or other CEOs in the relevant industries (benchmarking). The CEO analysis also provides early indications of emerging crises and provides your communications department with the necessary insights to react appropriately. The media perception of the operational management of your company can be decisive for its economic success.


The CEO analysis provides the following insights:

  • Industry benchmark monitoring of other CEOs
  • Your CEO’s image in the media
  • Which CEO broaches which subjects in the media?
Use case –«Shitstorm»

You have just sent your media release for the new product launch. Of course, you now hope that there will be as detailed and numerous reports about your new product as possible. But things are different. Shortly afterwards, the first reports appeared on the online portals of the various media houses and specialist publishers. The first critical comments on the net don’t take long to arrive, and within a short period of time the quantity and tonality become acute. This criticism quickly spreads to the social media channels – a shit storm arises. Your CEO must make a public statement.

How to manage a media disaster successfully:

When you receive critical media coverage, the first thing to remember is to remain calm and ensure the right measures are implemented. For this to happen, it is important to analyse the current situation on all media channels quickly and accurately so that you can respond to criticism and disapproving messages appropriately. We support you in this task by offering a comprehensive communication monitoring service:


  • Delivery of your press releases using our MediaContacts database (press release service)
  • Media conference monitoring which of your messages was reproduced and how?
  • Discourse analysis  which influencers are contributing to this media disaster?
  • Comment monitoring – is your product the subject of a factual discussion or a controversial debate?
  • CEO analysis how does the public perceive your CEO?
  • Writer management – which media contacts are like-minded to your company?
  • Brand tracking how does the media report on your brands?


Please find more detailed information about the new media analyses below.


Who are proponents and critics of your arguments? – Insights in the discourse analysis

The discourse analysis examines public discourses on current topics and the actors involved. The arguments of the actors are recorded and visualized. In a further step, we analyse how the arguments listed are received and evaluated by the media. The authors of the articles concerned are recorded and an evaluation of the statements is carried out. Discourse analysis offers political parties, interest groups, public administrations and NGOs a basis for optimizing their media work.

The discourse analysis provides the following insights:

  • Perception of your own arguments in the media
  • Which influencers are shaping the discussion?
  • Perception of your own vs. others’ arguments


How good is your integrated communication? – Answers in content marketing analysis

More and more companies produce content around their own company and distribute this self-produced content via their own internal and external communication channels, namely via social media channels. The content marketing analysis observes and evaluates cross-media networked content across all channels and determines the context in which it was used. ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz evaluates the content in the relevant Owned, Earned and Paid media on the basis of the available reach information and thereby attempts to map a comprehensive performance review of content marketing.

Gross contact sum
Provides information on how many target persons have come into contact with an advertising medium during a periodical.

AEV value unweighted
Indicates the financial value that should have been paid instead of an editorial contribution for an advertisement.

AEV value weighted

Advertising expenditure is additionally weighted according to content analysis criteria

The content marketing analysis provides the following insights:

  • Monitoring of self-produced and distributed content
  • Financial evaluation of the content distributed
  • Calculation of the gross amount this contact costs

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Where can you find out about the media trends in your industry? – Findings in the industry analysis

Do you know the topics currently under discussion in your industry? ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz analyses the media industry trends for marketing specialists. The sector analysis provides a comprehensive picture of current discourses in business, society, research and politics. It is helpful to know how the topics are evaluated by the different actors. The opinions are bundled and available as a basis for future marketing measures – in the sense of a sound basis for decision-making. In addition, ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz also records the future expectations expressed by the author regarding the industry and its development.

The industry analysis provides the following insights:

  • Overview of the development of topics and trends in the media
  • Influence on agenda setting
  • Measurement of the external perception of an industry


How is the feedback on your topics? – Insights in comment monitoring

Almost all digital news portals now offer a comment function among the published content. It allows you to give direct feedback and thus influence public perception of a topic. Commentary monitoring provides relevant insights into public opinion and allows the media presence of certain topics to be kept high and actively influenced. ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz analyses the comments and letters to the editor on the most important Swiss online news portals and determines the attitudes of users to specific topics. In addition, the analysis can be used to identify so-called “trolls”. Persons who try to influence other communication participants with provocations.

Comment monitoring provides the following insights:

  • Analysis of user attitudes and opinions
  • Identification of “trolls”
  • Distinction between factual discussions and debates
Use case –«We like you»

Your company sees itself as the industry leader and wants to position itself in the media by means of expert knowledge around the most important trends in your industry. In short: You set the topics, represent a clear opinion and thus contribute to the credibility of your company in public. The transparent and clear communication is also appreciated in the social media channels – your users liken, your product videos are shared – your sophisticated content marketing has an effect on the targeted media channels of your target group.

Check your communication work with our support:


  • Industry analysis – what kind of media penetration does your opinion of the industry and trends find?
  • Discourse analysis – how are your statements perceived by readers and users?
  • Content marketing analysis – to what extent has your marketing strategy paid off in terms of calculation?
  • Social-Media-Monitoring – Identify opportunities and risks for your company at an early stage.

Writer management

Which journalists are in your mind and how? – Answers in writer management

The authors of media content ultimately decide which contributions are published in which form in the media. Especially in the well-known business media, company-relevant articles are written by journalists who, as opinion makers, have a great influence on the setting of topics. As the person responsible for communication and marketing, you should therefore know which authors report about your company, in what frequency and tonality. An active author management allows a targeted approach to the authors MediaContacts and an effective topic management. We record all authors of all articles in all media channels. The focus is not on the content, but solely on the authors of the media articles.

Writer management provides the following insights:

  • Comprehensive information about individual writers and media contacts
  • Expansion of journalist networks
  • Efficient positioning of your own topics in the media

conference monitoring

Who represents your messages and how? – Answers in the media conference monitoring

Public communication events such as congresses, conferences and media conferences are monitored by the media and convey key messages to the public. The decisive factor is that they generate a news value and actually find their way into the media. ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz determines the media response to an important communication event in all media channels. The data is presented in quantitative indicators such as number of articles, circulation and reach. As a qualitative aspect, ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz analyses how it has succeeded in placing its own messages in the media. The degree of transformation is calculated and the dominance of reporting is determined.

Media Conference Monitoring provides the following insights:

  • Fast monitoring of the success of your own media work
  • Basis for further communication measures
  • Measurement of penetration with your own message

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone on +41 44 388 82 70 or by e-mail to



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