ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS launches flat rates for media monitoring and media analysis and expands its digital product range


Zurich, 23 June 2021 – ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS is introducing flat rates for media monitoring and media analysis in Switzerland for the first time. Transparent price plans and fixed costs will make it easier to plan media budgets. The ARGUS Spot app and integration into Microsoft 365/Teams mean media reviews are now accessible both while on the go and in your usual work environment.


ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS is the first company in the media and communication industry to introduce wide-ranging flat rates for cross-media monitoring and analysis. At the beginning of this year, the company also set out a pricing structure for the new AUGURE communication and CRM platform for media engagement. Unlike the previous volume-based rates, which is standard practice in the market, these transparent price plans and consistent costs make it easier to plan media budgets. All products and services in the new pricing structure can be combined flexibly to suit the client’s needs.


ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS is also expanding its digital portfolio. The development focuses on the client’s need to have a work environment that is well networked yet uncomplicated. By developing its own ARGUS Spot app and integrating its products into the systems of third-party providers such as Microsoft 365/Teams, ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS allows clients and their employees to easily view their daily media reviews while working in their usual tool or while out of the office.


‘We want to make our clients’ work easier. Our aim is to prepare the relevant information from all media coverage in a format that is simple and smart for everyone in the company and provide a basis for better business decisions’, explains Steffen Scheunemann, Group Chief Product Officer at ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS.


Oliver Spring, Group CEO at ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS, is excited about the new concept: ‘We have really simplified and modularised what we offer. Our clients can now receive the relevant media information from all channels at a fixed price. The new flat rates meet our clients’ needs in terms of ease of planning and reliable budgeting.’


More information can be found on the new website


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