Media-Monitoring-Tool – Media monitoring tool – easily manage and share your media content

Current media impact, any time and anywhere

The digital archive gives you an overview of media reporting based on your search profile.


Stay informed at all times. If you need to, you can quickly find your clippings and news using various simple search filters. There are various functions you can use to structure and process the media content found.

You also have the option of uploading your own articles to ARGUSavenue and adding metadata based on our media database.

The alert function keeps you updated about newly discovered media content in real time. This ensures you will not miss any media events

Current media impact, anytime and anywhere


Access your own data archive, even when you are out and about using the mobile version.


The monitoring module gives you an overview of media coverage based on your search profile. You can find all the latest reports, and also any reports found previously.

Search, structure and edit the media content found using a range of system functions.


Every media report we find, whether it’s a print article, a radio or television report, a web article or a social media post, is saved in your digital archive. You can access it any time and anywhere via the web.


The extensive filters give you the option of making your research work as easy and precise as possible.

With additional media information on the reports, such as circulation, reach, visitor numbers, followers, a tone and language detection system and relevant filter options, you can find all the pertinent information you need.

All reports are securely archived in the web platform, including images, videos and audio files.
Extensive filters
The various filter options make it quick and easy to find the articles you want in the archive.
Simple management
The media posts can be commented on, tagged and added to, or even exported at the touch of a button.
Additional information
As well as the post itself, additional information is also provided, such as circulation, reach, AVE, UUPM, language and tone.

Alert – find out as soon as it happens


Find out about your target group and and know what is important at all times via the alert function.

Quick response is key. Especially when it comes to crisis communication. This means information needs to be as immediate as possible. Alerts send you an e-mail as soon as a media event happens.


The alert function on our ARGUSavenue server gives you the option of receiving an immediate e-mail about specific news items. The media reports are sent at the same time and you are straight in the picture as to what is going on. You will then receive further news on an ongoing basis until the media event has passed. Use the extensive filter options to restrict the events you want to be kept informed about more accurately.

Sharing – inform stakeholders via the appropriate channels

In the digital world, we are constantly flooded with more and more information. So it must be possible to communicate the relevant information clearly and efficiently.


On ARGUSavenue, all your media reports can be individually assessed, managed and sent to target groups using the numerous functions available – as a single newsletter or in the form of a media review.


Structure what you send to suit your needs and adapt it to your corporate design. You can even automate the delivery so you save time for other things.


Read and collaborate with your media review where your communication takes place.


With ARGUSspot®, you receive your media monitoring contributions and your newsletters directly in Microsoft Teams, on your mobile phone as a mobile app for Android and iOS or as a browser-based desktop application.  The top news stories appear as push notifications in the ARGUSspot® app or in a designated chat.


The benefits of ARGUSspot®:


  • Work from anywhere and on any device: With ARGUSspot® you can read the news in the office, at home or on the go using the mobile app, the web-based desktop application or even Microsoft Teams.
  • Co-working without limits:This feature offers a convenient way to forward links to reports to registered users who may be interested in them. We have a selection of different channels available to do this.
  • Bookmark and read later: You can save interesting pieces in your favourites list, so you can read them later. The filter function for categories or channels makes it quick and easy to find the news that you are searching for.


Install the app now and familiarise yourself with the key functions by taking our guided tour.


Further information on the app and installation can be found at:

Distribution Manager


Provide stakeholders with specific information about media events through newsletters and media reviews.


Keep your colleagues, superiors and management informed about the latest media events. You can prepare, target and manage your newsletters with our excellent mail module. Use modern mail templates for the newsletter and automatically generated PDFs of the whole media review. So you can inform your company promptly by e-mail and you even have a printable version.


The media review or newsletter can be compiled completely automatically using a filter based on an extensive selection of filter criteria. Alternatively, it can be completely manual or a combination of the two, whatever you prefer. To fit in with your corporate identity, all mail templates available can be customised with your logo and colours.


The tool gives you the option of sending on a regular schedule or sending yourself as required. As well as scheduling the delivery to the relevant recipients, it is also possible to send a preview to a specified e-mail address so you can automatically have an advance copy of the newsletter delivered to your inbox.


The benefits for you:

  • Create an unlimited number of media reviews
  • Option to have automated article selection and regular deliveries
  • Manage your recipients
  • Have the media review customised to your CI/CD
  • Sort your articles manually: decide which articles to add, remove or move to a later delivery
Schedule when the media review and newsletter are sent.
Modern, responsive mail templates
Editorial tool
Comprehensive editorial tool to optimise the media review
Corporate design
Adaptation of design to CI/CD

Distribution tracking


Find out what is being read

Which media reviews are read how often? Which articles receive the most views?


Find out where it is being read
Discover which channels are the best at reaching your recipients – email, ARGUSspot® or Microsoft Teams.


Measure, report and continually optimise your tasks and objectives with the tracking function. A precise insight into how media reviews are used enables communications that reflect your recipients’ needs, and are thus more efficient.



Dashboards – visualise and evaluate media impact in real time

The dashboard and the ‘monitoring summary’ visualise the media coverage found, enable a simple analysis of your media presence and provide valuable insights.


With rapidly increasing data volumes in cross-media monitoring, simple media reviews and archive searches are no longer sufficient. The integrated evaluation tools give you an overview of the media events you are monitoring at all times across all channels and how they develop over time thanks to simple, easy to understand graphics. Find out at a glance which topics are highest-profile on which channels.

The dashboard module can be configured to your requirements. Show or hide the elements that are relevant to you and use the drill-down function to get to the individual media reports.


International Online News Stream


    We offer a content package integrated into our ARGUSavenue client platform to allow global online monitoring. More than 2.5 million news articles are scanned every day using search terms you can easily define yourself, with the corresponding results delivered directly to your platform. There is an integrated link so you can always access the original source.


International Social Media Monitoring


    From the standard social media platforms via knowledge portals to niche blogs – more than 300 million social media sources are available to you worldwide. We support you to ensure sensible limits on the number of sources monitored while at the same time making the media selection as open as possible. We take the particular features and restrictions of individual platforms into account and find the most effective solution for your media monitoring. Our high-performance social media module within the ARGUSavenue platform enables complex searches of a Swiss or international social media sample (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, Instagram, Tumblr).


Are you ready?

Over 10,000 clients trust the services of ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS. See for yourself how smart, accurate media news can make your work more productive and efficient.


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