ARGUSspot® – your current media impact, anytime and anywhere

The new ARGUSspot® app is here! It allows you to see your current media impact, anytime and anywhere. It is also clearer and more user-friendly than the previous version, and offers an impressive modern design. As a media monitoring client, ARGUSspot® is included in your subscription. Take advantage of what the app has to offer and give your employees a new digital experience.


The most important benefits for communication professionals and employees at a glance:

An additional digital information channel
Included in your existing media monitoring subscription, you now have the opportunity to view your media impact from anywhere and on any digital device in addition to your usual email delivery.
Improved collaboration with your team
The sharing function enables you to share reports with other people who might be interested (registered end users from the active directory). You have a variety of channels to choose from for this.
Bookmark media reports and read them later
Bookmark interesting media reports so that you can read them at a later date.
Filter by categories and channels
Find all the news you are looking for quickly and easily using the filter function.

How do I install ARGUSspot®?


You can access ARGUSspot® free of charge and at any time using your smartphone, tablet or notebook. With ARGUSspot®, you can now also view your media review and newsletters in Microsoft Teams, the web app and the mobile app.

Microsoft Teams

If you use Microsoft Teams at your company, your IT department may install the app automatically (guidance for IT department).


Mobile App

You and your employees can install ARGUSspot® yourselves using the Google Play Store or the ’App Store (iOS). Alternatively, your IT department can install the mobile app for all end users via MDM (Mobile Device Management).

Web App

You can access the web app directly in your browser using the following link. Furthermore, the web app can be integrated into Microsoft Teams as a tab.

How do I inform my employees about ARGUSspot®?

ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS invites your employees

You can give us permission by completing the following online form.


Do you have any questions?

You can find all the most important information about ARGUSspot® in the following documents: