ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS pools and displays your media monitoring and media analysis on a central customer platform which can be accessed from anywhere.

ARGUSavenue all-in-one platform -
up-to-date and everywhere

This is what the media monitoring and media analyses of today and tomorrow look like: Our advanced platform for managing communication enables you to conduct personalised work on your digitally processed media information. This will give you the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions and, ultimately, the knowledge needed for your success.

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These functions provide added value

On ARGUSavenue, all information can be individually evaluated, managed and sent to target groups using the numerous functions available - either as a single piece of information, as a newsletter or in the form of a media review.

  • Alert function

    Instant notification for a quick response

  • Comment and send

    Comment on articles and share information

  • Search and display

    Search for clippings and view articles

  • Archive

    All clippings are saved digitally

  • Evaluate and manage

    Evaluate the tone and sort into categories

  • User management

    Assign rights to users easily and individually

Your media impact at a glance

On ARGUSavenue, you have a visual overview of the topics relevant to you from various media sources.

  • Dashboards

    Display your media impact in graphs

  • Drilldown

    Gain insights from details

  • Wordcloud

    Visualise topics, trends and information

  • Influencer

    Identify important opinion makers

  • Trends over time

    Show peaks in media coverage

  • Sentiment

    Assess the tone of media impact


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone on +41 44 388 82 10 or by e-mail to




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