Media monitoring for a fixed price


Focus on the essentials and obtain relevant information about your company, products or sector from a comprehensive media programme at a fixed price.


Supplement ARGUSflat Switzerland with social media monitoring, ARGUSflat DACH or international media monitoring for a complete overview.

> 3,000 titles of national print media
Radio & TV
> 850 radio & 250 television programmes
> 10,000 online media
including new agencies

Print media

Despite competition from websites, radio, TV and social media, print media remains an important medium for conveying your messages. The long attention span associated with print articles allows detailed presentation of more complex content.


Monitoring the print media gives you the certainty that your messages will be reproduced meaningfully and appear in the right context. Regional and local print media make an important contribution to information and are particularly relevant for reputation in federal Switzerland.

Radio & TV

Television is still the most important media channel when it comes to forming opinions. Radio scores well when it comes to topicality, regional references and ease of classification.


Media coverage on radio and television is high-reach, has an impact on the public and helps form opinions. Monitor your impact in audio and video, check statements and the context of your mentions and appearances and stay informed about developments in your industry. Find out what is worrying people and tailor your communications to it.


Innovative speech-to-text technology, developed with Swiss partners from research and industry, allows automatic transcription of radio and TV programmes in Swiss dialect, Swiss Standard German and French. Automatically search more than 1,000 programmes from over 70 radio stations and TV channels for your keywords and get periodical or regular alerts on your presence.

Online media

News sites and blogs are a very fast and highly relevant source for many target groups. Keep your finger on the pulse of information and monitor your mentions and topics. With hand-curated media panels and constant source maintenance, you have a unique sample at your disposal for your communication controlling.


With the most comprehensive Swiss sample, we provide you with maximum coverage of the online media landscape. React quickly to changing news situations and identify emerging risks and issues with our online monitoring solutions.

Digital delivery channel

Retrieve your media impact anytime, anywhere in the digital delivery channel Company News . Company News is integrated directly into the ARGUSspot app, so you can receive your ARGUSflat media monitoring contributions and newsletters in Microsoft Teams, on your mobile phone as a mobile app for Android and iOS or in a browser-based desktop application. The top news stories appear as push notifications or in a designated chat.


Early Bird & Weekend Delivery


    Daily delivery (Monday-Friday) of articles found in the most important Swiss print media from 6.45 a.m. and delivery from 8.00 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.


Analytics Services


    Do you need more detailed information about your media monitoring results? We offer various analytics services to meet your needs like basic coding of category, weighted AVE, author, evalutation, adcanced coding of multiple categories, Avenue tags, individual AVE, special evalutation or clipping optimisation, such as adding the source site and correspondent data.




    Do you want to know what the media in Austria and Germany is saying about your company, products or sector? Use the ARGUSflat DACH add-on to retain an overview of the media landscape from Austria and Germany – again, at a fixed price. Around 12,000 print media (including local and regional media), approx. 340 radio and TV stations and some 10,000 online media are covered.


International Media Monitoring


    For multinational and global customers, we offer optimum coverage of the most important media from over 180 countries in conjunction with our worldwide media monitoring partners.


Are you ready?

More than 10,000 customers have placed their trust in ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS’s services. See for yourself how the right, smart media news can help you work more productively and efficiently.


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