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  • ‘MediaContacts’ – The journalist and influencer database

    The contact details for over 17,000 media professionals from traditional, digital and social media are organised into categories such as departments and subject areas. With ‘MediaContacts’, ARGUSavenue provides you with the tools to manage the names and contact details of journalists and other contacts in the media. It is a database maintained by ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS with around 17,000 addresses for journalists, editorial offices, departments and the media in Switzerland. The addresses are gathered from publicly available sources and are kept up-to-date. Individual mailing lists including personal addresses can be created and saved. This additional function enables you to easily deliver your press releases via the online platform.

  • Press release

    You can send your press releases easily and cheaply via our platform. You can group and specify the distribution lists yourself.

  • Consultation

    We offer personal consultation as required, providing you with further valuable recommendations for action and making use of our many years of expertise in this field.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone on+41 44 388 82 10 or by e-mail to mail@argusdatainsights.ch.



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