Modern, hybrid media activities with no media disruptions

Have you had enough of email ping-pong, endless different programs, and disruptions to your flow of communications? – Then it is high time to sort things out and revolutionise your media activities.


Wave goodbye to outdated tools and processes, and integrate your activities into the new hybrid working world. Give all project team members access to the same information whilst also allowing them to work independently on the same documents. If you already use a hybrid collaboration platform such as Microsoft Teams, then you have also already laid the foundations for more efficient and modern media and public relations activities.


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The challenges of digital media activities




  • What is the quickest way to achieve my goal?


  • How can I manage ever more tasks?


  • Why do I have so many tools?

We have the answer




One team, one tool.
Rethinking professional communications.




With a hybrid collaborative platform such as Microsoft Teams and the integration of ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS products, all the steps required for effective communications and efficient collaborations have now been brought together in a single tool.


Everyone working on a project can now process documents at the same time, discuss content via the chat function or in their own dedicated working area, and view and evaluate the associated materials. This means that you can send out press releases at lightning speed, immediately track the success of your media monitoring and analysis, and keep all key stakeholders up to date with relevant news – and all without disrupting your flow of work!

Improve collaboration

Collaborate any time, anywhere thanks to flexible, needs-oriented solutions. This enables employees to work together simply, efficiently and on the go.

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Boost productivity

Shorter response times, quicker access to relevant information. Communications without delays or media disruptions.

Modern user experience

Employees are able to work and view news relevant to the company with an outstanding, ultra-modern user experience.

In short:


Save time and money with an efficient flow of work.


Optimise your marketing, communications and PR processes with a single tool – across all programs, without any media disruptions.

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