How an AI solution can boost B2B sales

ARGUScustomer Insights powered by Squirro

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ARGUScustomer Insights powered by Squirro offers you a way to proactively navigate a constantly changing business world.


This software-as-a-service solution identifies sales opportunities and key financial news at an early stage, and provides you with the tools to respond quickly. Using machine learning and AI, the SaaS solution offers a comprehensive overview of clients’ behaviour and needs, enables business opportunities to be identified early, and supports data-driven decision-making.


What benefits does ARGUScustomer Insight spowered by Squirro offer?


Deep customer insights


Gain in-depth insights into clients and markets.

Proactive lead generation


Identify new sales opportunities at an early stage.

Upselling and customer loyalty


Increase your turnover and reduce client migration thanks to relevant information.

Services tailored to clients


Provide your clients with the exact products and services they need.

Increased productivity


Use your time and resources more efficiently thanks to more effective information procurement.



Combine SQUIRRO GPT with relevant information sources to achieve optimum results.

Examples of practical applications


With low IT outlay and a few CRM permissions, you can enjoy all of the benefits offered by ARGUScustomer Insights powered by Squirro. Whether via the standalone online version or already integrated into your CRM (Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365), you have access whenever you want and from any device.

More Information


In our factsheet, you will find additional information about ARGUScustomer Insights powered by Squrro,

as well as practical application examples of the Software-as-a-Service solution.

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