ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS collects, consolidates and analyses media clippings for more than 2,500 Swiss companies. The highly developed customer platform ARGUSavenue enables you to work individually with digitally prepared media information. Evaluate, structure and send the media response to your company, the competition and the market on an ongoing basis. ARGUSavenue supports you throughout the entire communication cycle. This enables you to achieve your communication goals faster and more cost-effectively.

  • Keep track of media content from all watched media channels
  • Evaluate the tonality of reporting with sentiment analysis
  • Arrange your media articles in a simple way using extensive filter functions
  • Visualize media presence through real-time analysis
  • Analyze retroactively the social media contributions relevant to them (up to two years)
  • Reports – send newsletters and/or press reviews to internal and external distribution lists
  • Alert function – you are informed about important events anytime and anywhere
  • Comment function – for additional information
  • MediaContacts – extensive journalist and media database 
  • Press Release Service and Dispatch Manager – Dispatch of media releases to relevant media contacts
  • Media distribution lists – use ready-made or create individual distribution lists



With ARGUSavenue you can manage your communication activities anytime and anywhere, in German, French, English and Italian!

– current media resonance anytime and anywhere

The Monitoring module gives you an overview of media coverage based on your search profile.

Search, structure and edit the media content found using various system functions.




Search and display media content

Stay informed at all times. If necessary, you can update your media database, quickly find your clippings and articles and present them clearly.



Benefit from additional standard functions

  • Simple operation of various search filters
  • Editing and structuring individual media reports
  • Comments and dispatch of media content

Media information from all over the world

Choose from a comprehensive media sample. On request we will be happy to add missing titles. In the ARGUSavenue monitoring module, you can also upload articles you have found yourself and add metadata.






Our Media Sample (National / International)

  • Over 80,000 print media
  • More than 5,000 radio and TV stations
  • 120’000 websites
  • Over 300 million social media sources

Archiving of media content

  • Retroactive analysis of media data
  • Fast access to archived media content
  • Convenient search options

Easily add additional media sources

  • Add missing sources yourself
  • Include standard RSS feed format
  • Can be implemented without IT expertise

Automated work steps

  • Time saving through automated rules
  • Efficient completion of the work steps
  • Simple administration of rules

Interfaces for easy integration

  • Manually import items found by you
  • Feed Generator – export of delivered media data via self-configurable HTML or RSS feed

– visualize and analyze media resonance in real time

Simple media reviews and monitoring reports are no longer sufficient for the constantly increasing amount of data in cross-media media monitoring. The Dashboard and the “Digital Presence Analysis” visualize the observed media coverage, enable a simple analysis of your media presence and deliver valuable insights.




Clear Dashboards

The dashboard module is configurable to your needs. Hide or show the relevant elements and use the drilldown function to get to the individual media reports.



Analyze media resonance at any time

The “Digital Presence Analysis” visualizes media observation data independent of time and place and delivers the most important findings without the use of complicated tools.

The digital presence analysis provides the following insights:

  • Trend recognition through time course analyses
  • Information on authors who report on topics that are relevant to you.

Monitor the following measured values:

  • Number of media contributions
  • Display equivalent value
  • Circulation and reach
  • Unique User Numbers
  • Tonality

– individual newsletter and media mirror dispatch

The flood of information in the digitalized world is constantly increasing and it is becoming more and more important to react promptly to negative comments and events and to inform about them. For this reason, communication managers must be able to communicate relevant information both internally and externally in a clear and efficient manner. On ARGUSavenue, you can individually evaluate, structure and send all information to target groups with a variety of functions – as individual information, as a newsletter or as a media review.




Newsletter and media review dispatch

In the Reports module, you can create and send your own media reviews and newsletters to your stakeholders and other target groups. You can structure the newsletters and media reviews according to your needs and adapt them to your corporate design. In the reports you also plan and schedule the dispatch of the created media digest. The alert function informs you in real time about the newly found media content and guarantees that no media event will be missed.

Configuration of newsletter contents

  • Create reports automatically or manually
  • Add or remove individual media content
  • Changing the Order of Contents in the Report

Individual adaptation of the design

  • Various design templates are available
  • Designs adaptable to your own CI/CD

Distribution trigger

  • Report dispatch is triggered manually or according to schedule
  • Test dispatch to predefined mail distributors possible
  • alert function

Management of reports

  • Archive with access to all sent newsletters and media reviews
  • Newsletters and media reviews already sent can be sent repeatedly


With the ARGUS Newsroom, we offer our customers a modern, visually appealing visualization and compression of business-relevant media content as the basis for successful integrated communication!

– targeted Influencer Response

Communication today takes place cross-media and requires active commitment from the communicator. The right influencers must be addressed and supplied so that company-relevant information can also be disseminated in a targeted manner. Through targeted analysis of media coverage, media representatives and influencers, you receive important information for the placement of your own content.


A tool for managing media contacts. With the media and journalist database you can quickly and easily find journalists who are interested in your content and send your media releases in a targeted manner and without wastage.

Switzerland’s largest journalist and media database

  • Over 7’000 media
  • More than 14’000 journalists
  • Categorization according to topics
  • Regular updates

Create distribution lists

  • Quickly find relevant journalists
  • Simply create your own distribution list



Distribution manager

Send media releases to predefined or individually created distribution lists directly from MediaContacts in your corporate design. Automate and schedule distribution according to your needs.


Professional design in the dispatch manager

  • Simple operation
  • Text, image and table editor
  • Curated standard distributors
  • Individual distributors

Engagement Tool

Play on all social media channels centrally and directly via the engagement tool integrated on the platform and interact with the relevant influencers. Our engagement tool supports you from planning and coordination to the implementation and evaluation of your own content throughout the entire content creation process.


Everything in one place

  • Play all social media channels from one platform
  • All reactions and feedbacks always at a glance
  • All KPIs centrally visible (followers, comments, likes, shares)



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