Make sense of online content with ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS’ broad range of analysis tools.


Insights for success with goal-orientated social analytics

Our range of analysis instruments makes it possible for you to get the answers you need to any questions you might have regarding your online and social media presence. We compile social listening projects compactly and analyse online discussions and their participants. Our comprehensive reports contain our experts’ knowledge and recommendations which facilitate data-based decision-making.


The analyses produced by our specialists address marketing, business communication, brand management and your business strategy. We provide solutions to common issues as well as personalised analysis to answer your specific questions.

Our analysis products

ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz has various analysis methods and tools at its disposal to monitor and analyse communication on social networks. Our analyses answer questions regarding your presence on social networks: How large is the presence of my business or brand on social networks? Are there recurring issues? Who is writing about me and who significantly influences communication? Might this result in a medium or long-term risk to the reputation of my business or brand? What topics are being discussed and could these be significant to my business or brand? Are there new topic areas which provide an opportunity to position the business in a way that is suited to the target group?


We cover global and public communication on the most important social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. In addition, we monitor the online presence of newspapers, TV channels, radio stations, blogs and forums. In total, we monitor more than 30 types of media. We can also take a retrospective look at social media data in order to produce a personalised “status quo” report on businesses, brands, sectors or overarching topics.



  • What impact does your brand have on social media?
    The challenge

    An international luxury goods company wants to monitor its brand presence on social networks and measure the effect of its marketing activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In-house data collection from all relevant channels has turned out to be extremely difficult and not precise enough.

    Client requirements

    • Monthly report on brand presence
    • Comparative figures for competitors
    • All information on one platform

    The solution

    For a two-month trial period, ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS provides bespoke social media analysis on a monthly basis in a visualised form that is easy to read. After the trial period, the company's leadership in the marketing and communication department opts to continue receiving digital social analytics on a monthly basis.


Please contact us. We would be happy to provide you with a non-binding quote tailored to your needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone on +41 44 388 82 10 or by e-mail to

Resonance analyses

Who is discussing what, with whom and how. What topics are on trend in my sector or among my target group? What was the impact of my last campaign or how strongly did I influence the discussion surrounding my brand? Which issues are present in the social media discussion about my central areas of interest and how do I perform compared to the competition? With our tailored resonance analyses, we can provide you with answers to these questions and others regarding your social media activities.

Influencer analysis

Influencer analysis investigates the most influential authors who you need to know. Which accounts are writing about you on what platforms? How active are these accounts and what thematic points are they publishing posts about?

Social channel analysis

Social channel analysis provides, for example, information about the activity of an account and its target group. How many posts are published and which ones are followers reacting to? How good is follower engagement? How successful is your content strategy? On what days and at which time are activities most successful? We can help you to answer these and other questions regarding your social media activities. Using channel analysis, we can also investigate the success of a campaign.

Audience insights

How well do you know your audience? We will reveal a few things, such as: gender breakdown, age groups, areas of interest and countries of origin. Do the people talking about you or your business match up with your target group? Now you can find out!


ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS’s TrendScan redefines trend research. The first signs that are seen at the beginning of every new trend can be detected early and contextualised using a targeted combination of artificial and human intelligence. To do this, we scan more than 150 million data sources from 257 countries and 187 linguistic areas daily. Intelligent algorithms classify and structure the wealth of information available according to keywords, organisations, people and events on a daily basis and analysts then make it possible to identify emerging, abating and new topics.


With TrendScan by ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS, you can get inspiration for new products and services, campaigns or content before everyone else.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone on +41 44 388 82 10 or by e-mail to



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