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AUGURE® – Setting up your professional communication for media success

As a PR, communications, or marketing professional, you create relevant content in the form of press releases, event invitations or newsletters on a day-to-day basis. In addition, you are faced with the task of disseminating this content to relevant journalists, influencers, and multipliers. You are not yet using any tools to accomplish this work? Or you are using several different tools? You are hoping that your content will be published by media outlets and influencers – but how can you identify the appropriate multipliers and find out what has been published when and by who?


The AUGURE® software solution combines all the related process steps into a single platform. It will help you identify the right influencers and multipliers for your campaigns and turn them into dedicated brand ambassadors through targeted communication actions. Furthermore, it will provide you with all the relevant media content for your project to easily track your media success. You will learn who reported what, when and how on your topic of interest, allowing you to apply these insights to your future communication activities.


AUGURE® is already established as the leading software for efficient media relations management on the French and Spanish markets. Through its integration into the ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS® portfolio, the platform is now also available in Germany and Switzerland.


How AUGURE® can help you optimise your communication activities

The AUGURE® software solution can be integrated into your daily work to help you with several different tasks.

Efficient public relations management

  • Managing contact data of journalists, bloggers, influencers and VIPs in compliance with the GDPR
  • Identifying and managing relevant contacts
  • Creating and sending professionally designed press releases
  • Receiving all the relevant content for your campaign (full range of regional, national, and international media)
  • Monitoring all the relevant key figures with well-organised dashboards 


Securing product testimonials

  • Identifying and managing relevant contacts
  • Creating invitations, sending review products, scheduling presentations
  • Logging and managing RSVPs
  • Organising feedback survey for all participants, providing feedback to them
  • Distributing published articles in a visually appealing digital media review


Successful event management

  • Managing participants, preparing and sending invitations, logging RSVPs
  • Handling registrations and seat reservations
  • Tracking attendance, sending press releases including videos and photos after the event
  • Organising a feedback survey for all participants
  • Distributing published articles in a visually appealing digital media review

Optimising your media success

All the key information on the AUGURE® software solution at a glance.


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