The leading provider of media intelligence and analytics solutions, ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS, and Swiss fintech company Sentifi are using synergies in the creation of industry reports. Sentifi provides information from its comprehensive data base which ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS transforms into customer-specific insights – the ARGUS Predict IndustryScan.


Thanks to the strategic cooperation between the ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Group and Sentifi, the crowd intelligence provider for financial markets, the two companies benefit from their synergies in data mining. This allows for a broad scanning of the entire business environment even without any specified search terms. The data is used to prepare extensive reports that indicate market-relevant topics and events early and reliably, thus creating the basis for better business and investment decisions


The newly developed IndustryScan is already the third product of the ARGUS Predict portfolio, complementing it in the area of predictive analytics. With IndustryScan, not only media data, but also non-media data will be integrated into analytics solutions in future. The possible field of application for customers is large. They can, for instance, keep track of competitors or entire markets


On a daily basis, Sentifi identifies thousands of events and topics that influence individual industries, companies, commodity markets and exchange rates. The data is based on the statements of 14 million influencers (authors, bloggers, experts), which are identified, classified and ranked according to influence from a total of more than 90 million relevant profiles. These influencers have the greatest measurable direct or indirect impact on the rating of core markets with over 50,000 listed and additional non-listed companies – representing more than 140 industries within 69 segments and 11 superordinate sectors.


With the help of artificial intelligence, one billion pieces of content from English and German news sources, blogs & tweets per month are automatically categorised based on individual events and hierarchically organised in six central topic clusters – financial market, corporate issues, economy & business, regulations, politics & society, and ecology & sustainability. These results are connected to additional external market and meta data such as share prices, stock market indices, and exchange rates




The cooperation is another step towards the expansion of our market position within the context of our growth strategy in the newly created business segment «Analytics & Insights» of the ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Group.




ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Group is the leading provider of media intelligence solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with head offices in Berlin and Zurich. Our success is the result of a unique combination of comprehensive global media coverage, innovative technology, personal consultations and more than 100 years of experience. Around 700 media and communication experts find, analyse and consolidate relevant media content into high-quality analyses and media reviews which can be used to make well-informed marketing, communication and strategy decisions.




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